Friday, 30 May 2014

Goodbye Laurent

After an academic year full of good memories, we're a little sad because our language assistant, Laurent,  is leaving back to California.

We gave him as presents, a little owl and a colourful book full of the kids love inside their pictures.

We'll miss you, Laurent.

The teachers too. ❤️
Come back soon!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Work in pairs. 3rd graders working on food menu.

Student A has a full menu, student B has to fill in his/hers by means of questions.
"Have you got ... salad for lunch?
-yes, I have.
-no, I haven't.
Have you got... Eggs for breakfast?

They enjoyed & learned a lot. They practized orally to get a real meaning from language.

Learning while enjoying!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Painting by means of paint ICE

We mixed up some paint with a little of water the fridge

After some hours, days... we got them out...

First graders were the first "painters" in trying them...

They loved painting with coloured ice...Very Yummy!!!

Nice summer pictures, children.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Playground games outside

Outside because of the nice weather, we decided to write on the fields some ACTIONS for the kids to play.

                     Marcos was SWIMMINGggggggg...

Laurent was writing the verbs on the floor and third graders're already playing.

      We wrote the words and drew some images related.

Here, in a different area of the playground , we drew different actions with the pictures related. 
First graders were playing in line freely, one by one.
They enjoyed a lot during the English session outside.

Tomorrow moreeeeee...!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Cooperative project Galician-English

We were helping Galician team teachers to create Correlingua pins.

We used a special white clay to start the process. 
They dried with air. We cut them with the help of milk bottle caps to give the shape.

After drying, we painted them on blue.
We let them dry...
We pasted the metal safety pin with silicone...

We already used the colour silicone to write beautiful Galician words on everybody's T-shirts.
This is the result, one for Laurent, the conversation assistant, who has Morriña. One for the teacher who loves firebutterflies, Lucecú.

We have to stick the Galician logo stickers.

Final work . Tomorrow, 13th May, we"ll have fun in Correlingua in Bueu.

Friday, 9 May 2014

English play for the oldest students

Yesterday 8th May, we went to IES As Barxas to enjoy the play "What's up Romeo?" with secondary students.

The teenagers play was really funny. Actors did it great!!! They conneted perfectly with the teenagers world...whatsapp, MP3, short messages...
 The music was very appropiate and the kids felt very confortable in the secondary atmosphere. 
They are ready for high school!!

Our kids from 5th and 6th grades understood perfectly the English play. We´d already studied and worked with vocabulary, videos, song from the play.

We all had a lot of fun enjoying, listening and reading short signs, singing and answering the questions the actors did. 

More... next year!!!!

Thursday, 8 May 2014





Click on the video to learn more about animals



Click on the picture for more animal information.

Sea Animals

 You can click on the picture to know much more about ANIMALS in the SEA.


Click on the Memory Game to start playing.

 On Line GAMES.

Art Project about Sea Animals

Underwater Sea Mobile

 This is a simple but fun craft to make with your kids.  Simply cut out the sea creatures pictures and apply to larger pieces of blue ocean paper in different shades of blue. Attach to popsicle sticks and apply sand, if desired.  Your kids will enjoy hanging their mobiles up in their rooms.
  1. Print the Kraftykid underwater sea creatures template.
  2. Cut out the sea animals.
  3. Print the Kraftykid ocean water mobile template and c ut out.
  4. Insert and glue string between the sea creature and the water.
  5. If desired, add some glue to the water and sprinkle on some sand.
  6. Attach the strings to the popsicle stick and form a cross with the two sticks, overlapping one stick on top of the other..
  7. Glue another set of popsicle sticks on top of the first two covering the strings.
  8. Use yarn to stabilize the sticks by weaving the yarn around the middle of the cross, leave a piece of yarn on top for hanging.
  9. Use decorative duct tape along the four corners to stabilize, if desired.
Hang mobile from the string