Saturday, 26 November 2016


Students from 6th grade holding slogans rejecting VIOLENCE.

       #noviolence #peace #care #love

      #protection #help #support

The whole school hang slogans along the forest walk (Tirán mile).

     An awesome celebration of helping...

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Kameron Ryder, our language assistant from Illinois

  Kameron is a very nice person who easily organizes games, telling stories, "Simon says"... 
he's very kind and funny.

Kameron asking a password relating to the last English lesson.

                 He´s so sweet helping and talking to the kids.

     Kameron is really wonderful preparing quick funny games. 
He´s very theatrical... 
The children enjoy a lot the lessons with him.

Kameron playing "Simon says" with 2nd graders rewiewing lesson vocabulary.

Story telling by Kameron during the reading session. 1st graders.

School Xmas tree in Yayoi Kusama style

During this academic year, we'll use different techniques to do our Art projects.
 All of these will be based on Yayoi Kusama style.

Xmas 2016 will have colourful dots & polta dots everywhere...

     Fourth graders decorating their own b&w photos by means of stickers dots.


 First graders njoying at the Art class.


          We're completing the Xmas tree by the stairs.

                               This is our  amazing Christmas Tree 2016