Thursday, 11 December 2014

Xmas 2014

Xmas is coming...!

3rd Graders creating their special Xmas tree for their Xmas card.

4th Graders starting the Xmas tree made of wood sticks and wool.

Kinder 5 years and the Xmas reindeer card...

These are the first graders preparing the special Xmas trees made of paint finger prints, stairs and glitter. These Xmas cards are to their American Pen Pals...
They wrote: Dear........(Piper)
                    I wish you Merry Xmas

We've already sent them to USA. And we've received theirs.

We show you the  Xmas cards from USA with letters inside.

Kids are crazy about receiving cards from USA. ;))

                                          CHRISTMAS TREEs all around

        This year, 
            Xmas tree of 
               English&Art classroom 
                       is vintage, 
                           made with chalks.

         This is the result of all the work done in the Art class.

          Recycled Xmas tree made of newspapers by 3rd graders.
                  Reindeers made by 5 kindergarden kids with the help of their hands and paint.
                           Snowmen families made by 2nd graders. 
                                     Xmas trees made by 1st graders.

           The wooden stick and wool Xmas trees were made by 4th graders, it was a lot of work.
                      They did it great!

                    The running Santas were done by 1st graders guided by a Youtube video.

                 The final exposition.

                                   MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                                       Ho ho ho

                                                                     Xo Xo Xo.               Santa is coming!