Friday, 25 December 2015

Xmas 2015


A puzzle paper tree placed on the wall. 
All the kids colour a piece of drawing.


         This Christmas, the projects were based on black & white vintage style.
                 We worked on black cardboard with white chalk... Very soft.

                      The English & Art classroom door for Christmas.

        Exhibition of the Christmas cards with different designs.

      The youngest kids Xmas cards were made by means of paper rolls and white paper for the circles.
Then the kids could filling the circles with chalk letters. Finally, glitter.

       Christmas Paper Stars project.
     Using paper rolls, putting them together with glue in different forms. Then they coloured them, before hunging them.


                      Art is the best way of being HAPPY 
                             and wishing Happiness ...

                               Even in CHRISTMAS...

                                        A MERRY XMAS 
                                                a GREAT 


American PenPal 2015/16

     A new academic year, a new first grade group in American Pen Pal 2015/16.

               The 25 1st grade students wrote a simple letter in English introducing themselves.

     We sent a picture, a short letter and a Kandinsky project as a present for their new Pen Pal friends.

   This is the new Art & English classroom and some of the Kandinsky designs are hunging on the walls.

At the beginning of the new year, we received the letters from the American PenPals.

The kids were excited about the letters,  because the American friends write in English and the children can read them perfectly. Every letter has a picture of the American student, two simple sentences about themselves and a picture.
The kids can take the letters home, this is very important for them.

The feelings and excitement is amazing! They feel very special.

Halloween 2015

    This was another teacher Halloween project that we realised by means of hard colour crayons under and black soft crayons on the top.

   The final poster was at the main school hall.


        And this the Art & English classroom door...for Halloween.

               Different projects for different levels:


                   First and Second  Graders: Spiders

             5th & 6th graders drew Sugar Skulls from Youtube video in English.

   And 3rd & 4th graders made smaller drawings from internet videos.

         A very SCARY class...dancing.


Kandinsky versions by means of different techniques

              Exhibition of the projects.

          Colouring with crayons...

        Cutting colour paper circles ...

        Using different containers and paint to draw circles.

          The kids know Kandinsky very deeply.

All together at School.

            Our first wall poster...
  Every single Primary student had their own shadow on the wall.

We're going back to School

                 This was the very beginning of this academic year 2015/16
                  That was in September 2015


........................................                        ................................................           ........................

                            A VERY SPECIAL  MIND EXPERIMENT

                    We started the first Art lessons with an EXPERIMENT. 
                         Kids had to draw with both hands, one colour in each hand. 
                               Very weird but concentration is the aim... 
                        The students had to draw kind of mandalas drawings.

            They did it great!