Thursday, 20 February 2014



From 3rd grade to 6th grade, children are experiencing pasting  news paper little pieces and glue mixed up with water, in order to cover around an inflated balloom. 
Second cycle is doing ORANGES and the third cycle, BERRIES. This is a very tough work we are doing in different sesions, it takes a long time.

Let's see if at the end we can get a wonderful result.

Kids love working in the Art class, they behave themselves, at the same time, they learn, relax and enjoy. 
Art activities are great for their motor skills. They should be carefull to get their best.

They are doing ok, they have to be clean trying to not get everything dirty.

After one sesion with each group, we already have all the ballooms hunging up...

 Last steps of the process. We had to put white paper on the newspaper, because black part came out and we need painting in orange.

The kids love doing and experiencing all this long process.

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