Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dalí, the genius!!

Tick on DALÍ and you'll get a classroom video about Dalí's life and paintings with explanations in English.


As every year, we are going to work with a famous artist, in this case, DALI.
Here are some of the pictures we are going to study and make the versions.

First cycle, 1st and 2nd, are going to draw the version of this picture. The butterflies are surprising for kids, and teacher also.

This picture remainds us the film " The beauty and the beast" where the clock looks like alive.

Butterflies like us a lot.

This is another picture we are going to work on.  Butterflies is the main topic students like best.

This picture shows us the magic and crazy Dali world.

First graders are drawing the version of Dali's "The Butterfly Chase".

Don't you think the drawings are great? 
The're finishing them and we'll set an exposition.

This is a class after the explanation,  step by step, about what they have to do. We divide the paper into two halves and situate the original picture. The students draw freely, they make their own version of the famous painting.

This is the process they follow to reach the result. These  are second graders's pictures unfinished.

This is the first part of the exposition.

Aren't they great, amazing or incredible to be done for young kids?


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