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23rd April BOOK DAY

World Book Day

Choice of date[edit]

The connection between 23 April and books was first made in 1923 by booksellers in Spain as a way to honour the author Miguel de Cervantes who died on that day.[citation needed]

In 1995, UNESCO decided that the World Book and Copyright Day would be celebrated on this date the date is also the anniversary of the birth and death ofWilliam Shakespeare, the death of Miguel de CervantesInca Garcilaso de la Vega and Josep Pla, and the birth of Maurice DruonManuel Mejía Vallejo and Halldór Laxness.

Although 23 April is often stated as the anniversary of the deaths of both William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, this is not strictly correct. Cervantes died on 22 April and was buried on 23 April according the Gregorian calendar; however, at this time England still used the Julian calendar. Whilst Shakespeare died on 23 April by the Julian calendar in use in his own country at the time, he actually died eleven days after Cervantes because of the discrepancy between the two date systems. The apparent correspondence of the two dates was a fortunate coincidence for UNESCO.

World Book Day by country[edit]

Forum on reading aloud held outside the campus library at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico City for the occasion


To celebrate this day Cervantes' Don Quixote is read during a two-day "readathon" and the Miguel de Cervantes Prize is presented by the King in Alcalá de Henares.

In Catalonia, Spain, since 1436, St. George's Day has been 'The Day of the Rose', where the exchange of gifts between sweethearts, loved ones and respected ones occurs. It is analogous to Valentine's Day. Although the World Book and Copyright Day has only been celebrated since 1995 internationally, books were exchanged on 'The Day of the Rose' in Catalonia since at least the year 1926 in memory of Cervantes.


In Sweden, the day is known as Världsbokdagen (World Book Day), and the copyright part is seldom mentioned. Normally celebrated on April 23, it was moved to avoid a clash with Easter to April 13 in the year 2000[2] and 2011.[3]

United Kingdom[edit]

In the United KingdomWorld Book Day is held annually on the first Thursday in March, to avoid the established international 23 April date due to clashes with Easter school holidays, and the fact that it is also the National Saint's Day of England, St George's Day.

23rd April 2014 Book Day Celebration 
in CEIP Plurilingüe Tirán

Today we have got cute reading activities for the kids to do in pairs. Library team have decided to join kids in pairs of a young child with an older one.
 Amazing idea!!!
It was great! The older one have read a book to his or her mate. Then both have made a picture about it. 
Teachers will do a kind of book with all the pictures sheets.

The end of the activities has been an English reading of the classic" Where the wild things are" by Laurent Palsen, our conversation assistent, in the school library with a visual help on the smart board.

This is the link where you can enjoy this classic book.

Our library is crowded.

The whole school has been there.

It was a wonderful Book Day 2014. 

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