Sunday, 11 May 2014

Cooperative project Galician-English

We were helping Galician team teachers to create Correlingua pins.

We used a special white clay to start the process. 
They dried with air. We cut them with the help of milk bottle caps to give the shape.

After drying, we painted them on blue.
We let them dry...
We pasted the metal safety pin with silicone...

We already used the colour silicone to write beautiful Galician words on everybody's T-shirts.
This is the result, one for Laurent, the conversation assistant, who has Morriña. One for the teacher who loves firebutterflies, Lucecú.

We have to stick the Galician logo stickers.

Final work . Tomorrow, 13th May, we"ll have fun in Correlingua in Bueu.

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