Thursday, 27 November 2014

American PEN PAL Project

          This is the story of 18 children who wanted to have American Pen Pals. 

     So their teacher talked to another American/Spanish teacher who was teaching Spanish to a group of 21 students in Madison Elementary School in Winona, Minesota, USA.

                   Erin, one of our American language assistants, was that teacher. 
                                This is the group of the 21 American first graders.

Then, the Spanish teacher took photos of the kids, one by one, just to paste them on the pictures we wanted to send them...

Here they are...
             From left to right: Mauro, Nuria, Xoel, Telma ( who has two American friends), Nicolás,
Dolores (two American friends), Eva González ( finally smiling), Daniel,
Iago, Eva Piñeiro, Xabier, Aleichem and Radu (Romanian),
Rio, Jorge, Lucía (she's getting two friends), Pedro and Ainoha.

         They were very happy introducing themselves and writing their ages in English.
They made awesome pictures to send to their Pen Pals.!!!! Great job, kids!


                         Here they are. Lovely pictures with their photos.


                      They could meet their Pen Pals in a picture of Halloween.


       They saw them in a picture and were very surprised.


            As for Thanksgiving Day, Thursday 27th, the letters arrived at Tirán................


              The children were really happy and a little anxious.

                  They couldn't believe it!


          Here are showing very proudly the letters and pictures with the Pen Pals photos too.


        Some of them have a little trouble to understand " Pokemon" ...



                It was wonderful to look at their surprised faces, they felt weird sensations to get something from so far place, with their own names on it. They were sharing and showing what they got.


Who knows, may be tonight  they could dream with  their Pen Pals...
                               Good feelings, great sensations, open hearts and minds, a lot of expectations...
                                                    They are learning different contents, very important ones...
                                                                      More surprises SooN.

                 We are very HAPPY because we have new FRIENDS from very FAR...

We've a big surprise from USA. Our Pen Pal friends sent us a great video introducing themselves and saying hello in Spanish.

You can watch it in this link. Enjoy...


                  And these are the Xmas cards from USA. Kids loved receiving them.

                                                          MERRY CHRISTMAS,

                                                                 Dear friends!!!

                                                                   HAPPY NEW


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