Monday, 19 January 2015

Salt Mandalas

In order to celebrate "Peace Day" and knowing by heart that students love doing "Mandalas"...
We've decided to create those original and colourful "Salt Mandalas".
They are inspired in Motoi Yamamoto who has wonderful creations with salt.

Admire them!!!! 
They're really amazing and very original, they're always related to SEA and because of a family reason, this artist use "salt" as a cleaning way of cleaning sad feelings.

                                              This is a very interesting video about his technique.


In this one, Yamamoto explains by himself why he works with salt after his sister death. He uses salt because in Japan it's a funeral material.


              Now you can enjoy what students create at Art classroom.

       They draw the mandala design with glue by means of a thin paintbrush.

      We'd talked about mandalas typical  patterns 
        - repetitive models
        - circles
        - repetition of patterns

                             They put the salt on the glue picture and...took it off.

             The coloured salt mandalas are experiments before the last works children will do.

               We were testing how to colour the salt, with a lot of paint like this first one...but
          we didn't like the result, we wanted a lighter end.


           Then we tried just colouring the water with a lot of paint and putting a small drop on the piece of salt we wanted to tint.


                                  Perfect result for our kids to try by themselves.

                       The kids enjoyed a lot touching the salt and manipulating it on the pictures.

             Next Art session, colouring the salt with coloured water, and that's it!

                  Salt Mandala Tree for Peace Day

                          Hanging at the main school hall.

        Finally, the main exhibition of the children salt creations.

          Beautiful and Peaceful work. They've learnt about salt manipulation for Art.

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