Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Book Day 23rd April 2015

In this  Book Day, in the Art class we wanted to enjoy the magic of  Classic Books of all ages and draw the most important scene for each kid.

      From 5 years kindergarden to 6th grade, they drew their favourite classic book.

                  Nice pictures!!!

    The exhibition of the original drawings.

   During the 23rd of April 2015,  Book Day, the 4th, 5th and 6th graders are going to read English books to the younger kids.

 The children were practising reading their own books during the week. Some pupils who have sisters or brothers in the school wanted to read them and have them in their reading groups.

      As the day is sunny, we are going to read outside in the playground and garden. We are going to have a wonderful Book Day.

     Amazing books for young learners!!!

     Book reading session outside school

    Candela & Gabriel (4th graders) were reading "The very hungry caterpillar" to a group of 4 years kids.

    Marcos and Ana reading the same book to 4th graders.

What a wonderful school little forest for reading in a spring day!!!

Ricardo & Daniela((4th graders) reading to a group of young kids.

    Ángel & Hugo C.(5th graders) with a small group of kindergarden kids reading "One is a snail...".

Mario & Alba (5th graders) reading " One to ten and back again".

Lucía & Mara reading outside in the garden.

In one of the covered playgrounds,Saúl and Paula (6th graders) were reading "Fast fox..." to third graders. 
What an attention!! Great job!!

        Very nice Book Day 2015!!

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