Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Funny ways to learn English... with Maureen

We have a lot of fun doing different activities and
playing games in the English class.

Maureen helps us to learn English enjoying so much.

1st graders are learning Road Safety by means of a colour code. 

                       Red: Stop. You can’t walk.
                      Green: Go. You can walk. Cross the road.
                      Orange: Wait. You have to wait, it’s changing into red.

4th graders are studying school subjects, using some given grammar structures, through the Telephone Game.

3rd graders are playing a guessing game. 
One student mime an action, while the rest guest what he´s doing. So everybody can talk repeating the previous vocabulary.

During the reading sesions, the 6th graders
 prepare projects that have to read, talk and show with pictures.

Tudor (6th grader) is talking about his country, Romania, talking and reading some information, with the help of some nice pictures that he previously had selected. 

6th graders are working in small groups.

They're working on FAMILY TREE vocabulary.
Maureen, our auxiliary, has prepared 4 hands out with gaps to fill in with information written in another paper. She gave them information about her own family, with names and details.
In every group, they read, discussed and agreed about what the rest of the group decided.

They really had a great time working in groups to finish this special task.

 4th graders did a really great job, trying to fill in schechules using information about school subjects and time.
They were working in groups  to get the hidden information, they had to use different grammar structures.

          First graders are acting different vocabulary in order to prepare The Telephone Game.

Kinergarden 5 are learning abour Mamoths Family with this poster,
 inside their general project about Prehistory.

3rd graders are learning  Time after listening a story “What’s the time Mr. Wolf”.

After the reading activity, Maureen was guiding a time game in pairs at the white board.

Wonderful work!!!!! 
Thank you, Maureen, you're great!!!

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