Friday, 22 January 2016

Jacky, American conversation assistant 2015/16

 Jackie is our new conversation assistant 2016 from Oregon.

          She's enjoying our special Halloween with us.

Jackie's  in the class helping with oral comunication, pronunciation,  making questions to stimulate the natural language on students. 

Jackie is a very important part of the plurilingual school to create spontaneous language in natural situations. Teachers and the assistant speak English all the time during class and free time.

                                                CARNIVAL 2016 in Tirán

Jackie shares Carnival day with us. As the main school topic is Animals, the whole school  was disguised as Jungle Animals. 2016 is Monkey Chinese Year so we got an idea...

Jackie was doing the speaking part of the English tests. 
She was alone with the students, apart from the class.
We´re very lucky to have you, Jackie!.

Thank you, Jackie, you've been doing great today! 
We've made a big job!! A lot of speaking tests before the 3rd term grades.

Last Art lesson with Jackie.
We said goodbye to Jackie at the end of May enjoying with watercolours.

We're using watercolour painting and Jackie left us a woderful watercolour elephant picture. 

        Thank you, Jackie,


All the kids were sitting down in the main entrance to give a surprise to Jackie.
Mara from 1st grade and Xavi from 5 kinder gave her a present.

Jackie was really surprised to find out the kids got a special book with a picture from all the children of the school. 
She also loved a small owl "curuxa" that is our special present for all the special people who come to the school...

     Bye Jackie, we'll never forget you!!
                   A huge Galician hug.

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