Thursday, 21 January 2016

PEACE DAY "Heal the World"

Here you have the lyrics for "HEAL THE WORLD" by Michael Jackson,

This is the song we are going to work on for 2016 Peace Day.
Different levels, different ways of learning the song; translating into groups, singing, learning the lyrics, creating posters to decorate the school hall ...

Live in Munich

After learning the song... Let's do the Art work. Paint, hands and writing the song title.

Two first graders sharing paint and project with Jacky's help.

All together on the floor...

Finishing the other side of the poster...

Waiting for being hung...

Finally, the awesome result of the Art work.

The whole school is learning & enjoying the song. From kindergarden with the teacher Belén to Primary with teacher Rosa.

Let's heal the world...! 
Earth needs it!

This is kindergarden 5 in the Primary English classroom.

VIDEO LINKS of all of the school groups:

                          ~Video link of kindergarden 5 kids singing the song:

                             ~6th graders singing the Peace Day song.


                        ~3rd & 2nd graders singing the song.

                              ~5th graders


All the kids from Primary worked on this map to set the war conflict countries points.

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