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Portrait of Henri (Le Douanier) Rousseau, 1910, photograph Pablo Picasso.jpg
This year, we're going to learn about this self-taught Naïve painter, in love with jungle.

HENRI ROUSSEAU, the naïve painter

The French artist Henri Rousseau (1844-1910) was a self-taught painter who became a friend of Picasso and an inspiration to the Paris avant-garde.

Henri Rousseau

Portrait of Henri (Le Douanier) Rousseau, 1910, photograph: Pablo Picasso
BornHenri Julien Félix Rousseau
21 May 1844

Laval, Mayenne
Died2 September 1910 (aged 66)
Paris, France
Known forPainting
Notable workThe Sleeping GypsyTiger in a Tropical StormThe Hungry Lion Throws Itself on the Antelope,Boy on the Rocks
MovementPost-ImpressionismNaïve art,Primitivism
Henri Rousseau

Henri Rousseau was born on May 21, 1844, in Laval, France. While working as a toll collector in Paris, he taught himself to paint and exhibited his work almost annually from 1886 until the end of his life. He was given the nickname "Le Douanier" ("the customs officer") by his acquaintances in the Parisian avant-garde. Despite his connections with other artists and dealers, he never profited from his paintings; however, works like "The Dream," "The Sleeping Gypsy" and "Carnival Evening" influenced many artists who came after him. He died in Paris on September 2, 1910.

                     We´re going to work on Henri Rousseau's biography and paintings.

 We´re going to enjoy a charming video 
his life & paintings in order to learn more.

                   And a "surprising" visit to a museum...

Another nice video based on Rousseau's paintings and his style for kids.



The students watch the videos as introduction to the art work to get culture background about the author and his paintings.


The students can see the painting they're going to version on the digital board, while the teacher gives some directions to divide the paper into four pieces and pay attention into proportions.

The pupils have a big image on the digital board to copy.

The children try their best.

THE 3 PAINTINGS for the kids to make a version

Tropical Forest With Apes And Snake

First and second are going to draw this painting.

Third and fourth graders are going to version this painting.

A piece of the most famous painting, "The Dream".

Fith and sixth grades students are going to enjoy drawing this painting.

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