Friday, 1 June 2018

Saying Goodbye to Maureen

                                                                          Maureen is talking about interesting places and people 
                                                                                       from her country.

She’s our 7th conversation assistant in Tirán. 
We are very happy to have the chance of sharing our school activities and everyday situations at school with so nice foreign people who give us a little of their culture, language, lives and a piece of their heart.
We also give them ours.

3rd graders students are reading short texts from the map and listening to Maureen’s explanations.

Also 6th graders were talking to her and participating in the readings and explanations about USA traditions, important places and famous people, sports, food, etc.

5th graders listening carefully and participating in the readings and videos.


                       Finally, we gave Maureen a small celebration in the school main hall...

Xiana & Mateo gave Maureen two meaningful presents for the school. A small “Curuxa”(owl) and a lovely handmade book made with all the pictures that the school students drew for Maureen.

The small Owl.

The handmade pictures book.


 Thank you, Maureen!!!♥️


“It' s been an amazing year next to you, working, smiling, imaging, doing awesome activities and games with our students and enjoying every moment, every class shared with you.
 You brought us good vibes, sweet energy and wonderful feelings.”
                                                                                                                   Teacher Rosa

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