Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Summer homework


Spelling games for kids to learn the alphabet 

For very young learners
Count from 1 to 10

Let´s practice numbers from 1 to 20
You can sing them, repeating and write them after.

Let´s learn COLOURS through the Rainbow Colours song.

Mixing colours is fun, try it!!

If you’ve learned how to mix up colours, now you can put it into practice.

Steps for colouring shells:

1. When you go to the beach, pick up some shells. 
2. At home, wash them and let them dry.
3. You need water colours, a piece of kitchen paper and a glass of clean water
4. Any day, if you feel  bored but ready for Art, get all your shells and the rest of material and enjoy the magic of  painting...
You can prepare a collection of painted shells for home, for your friends or family as a present or just for having fun.

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